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MHC Training offers PMVA training in Coventry,
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Why choose us

MHC Training is a company that provides excellent Healthcare Mandatory Training and PMVA. Our trainers are registered nurses with over 20 years of experience in teaching and training.

We pride ourselves in ensuring the people who train with us acquire the necessary skills and knowledge which will enable them to deliver a safer care package and more importantly, enhance the experience of the patients in their care. Our trainers are accredited, continuously updating their knowledge with the changes in the legislation and guidance.

MHC Training was established with the aim of business and healthcare consultancy. This expanded to extend caring principles through Prevention and Management of Violence & Aggression (PMVA) training.

PMVA Training We Offer

1 Day Breakaway Course

This training uses techniques approved by the GSA and is aligned to meet the standards set out by BILD and RRN. It is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and covers all institutions with a challenging behaviour clientelle and Mental Health concerns. The aim is for staff to be able to manage and control these incidents in a safe manor using the least restrictive response.

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2 Days Refresher Course

After completing the 3-4 Day PMVA Course with MHC-TRAINING or any other organisation, you are required to take a Refresher Course every year that follows. This course is designed to keep you up to date with possible changes in the initial course as well as to refresh your skills. Evidence has it that candidates require these refreshers to remain compliant with organisations’ mandatory requirements. In the event of a missed or lapsed refresher course, the candidate has to complete the 3-4 Days PMVA training.

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3 Days PMVA Course

This is a mandatory course for those intending or working in a violent/aggressive or challenging behaviour setting. This includes NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and all Social Care Organisations with clients that have Mental Health Challenges. The course is designed for any candidate with no prior PMVA training or who has had their Refresher Course expire without renewal. The course is designed to follow BILD and RRN Standards for Organisations that may employ restrictive practices. The Physical Intervention Techniques taught you to follow The GSA Guidelines.

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Our PMVA Courses

PMVA is an acronym for the Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression This training is for staff who work or otherwise intend to work in an environment where restrictive interventions may need to be applied as a therapeutic means to control, communicate and care for people with a mental health concern or challenging behaviour. It is required to manage a violent or aggressive setting. The management of these incidents is achieved both theoretically and physically.

MHC-TRAINING aims to equip its candidates with all skills required, including theoretical means of de-escalating incidents that may be prevalent. Emphasis is placed on evidence-based practice, encouraging frameworks such as Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and SAFEWARDS. This training is essential for the safety of the clients and staff who care for them. All MHC-TRAINING training tutors are GSA Trained.


At MHC-TRAINING, we believe physical restraint should only be utilised as a last resort, in dangerous circumstances where there is NO OTHER WAY. If it is used, it should be Proportionate, Reasonable and Necessary, as well as Justified. It should be less intrusive and not have any negative psychological or physical concerns for the client. Physical restraint should focus also on trauma-informed care, bearing in mind the negative impact it may render on the clients.

MHC-TRAINING aims to equip its candidates with the acceptable skills to therapeutically manage difficult circumstances. MHC-TRAINING is based in Coventry and our courses can be booked here online.

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